McCain/Palin: Forward to the 15th Century!

While on the subject of GOP lies and stupidity, Susan Jacoby has some very timely things to say about the platform of the Greedy Old Patriarchs this election cycle.

Many people don’t realize that the 2008 Republican platform also calls for a total ban on embryonic stem cell research, whether publicly or privately financed–a more radical position than that taken by President George W. Bush.

Here we see the one and only position that religion ever takes with respect to new scientific discoveries: violent, terrorized rejection. Organized religion has stood in the way of every significant scientific advancement in the history of our species. There were probably shamen in the Neolithic who were vocal opponents of fire.

If our country is so idiotic that it actually bans stem cells research, that research will still go on, but other nations will reap the benefits. High technology jobs with vigorous new startup companies, invention after patented invention, Nobel prizes and market share, all going to the Irish, or the Germans, or the South Africans, or whoever, but not to the US. Legions of bright young biology students will see where the dollar signs are, and they won’t need a US passport to reach them. Future cures for diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s, and who knows what else will be in the hands of foreign powers, and the US will have to pay top dollar to enjoy their results.

Perhaps the US will just continue down the GOP path, banning even the cures themselves, because they arose from studying fertilized cells. Maybe we’ll start arresting people for going to Europe for cancer cures. Maybe we’ll start snatching away pills from people as they get off the plane, a la RU-486. But at least we’d be righteous and pure, as we dwindle to join the Third World.


~ by Planetologist on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “McCain/Palin: Forward to the 15th Century!”

  1. Woohoo. Where’s those witches?

    By keeping it on the DL, they can get the fundagelical votes without alienating the large number of their own constituents that are in favor of Stem cell research.

    If national security makes it OK to torture real live human beings, why does the national health not warrant wasting a few blastocysts?

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