Welcome to Serfdom

Well, now we know what separates George W. Bush from his fellow Republicans. Unlike the GOP, W is a Stalinist. Not only does W believe that the government should control the economy from the top down, he believes that such control should be concentrated into a single individual; his lackey Paulson. Tonight’s speech by the Decider really ought to prove, as if there was ever any real doubt about this, that he really very badly wants to be an actual dictator. Yes, I used the word dictator. How else can you really describe the situation he has just proposed?

His proposal to save the economy calls for – actually, the more appropriate word might be demands – the government seizure of 700 billion dollars of the US economy and the coronation of a single individual to possess sole, exclusive, absolute power over what he can buy with those 700 billion dollars. Yes, I used the word absolute, because that is precisely and accurately what is being proposed.

According to Bush’s fatwa, Paulson would possess the absolute – as in, absolutely unquestionable by any human being in the world – power to buy any financial property at a price he sets. Please be clear on this: if Paulson wanted to buy Microsoft for one penny per share, he would be able to do so and no one could stop him. No one. Not even the President, Congress and Supreme Court of the United States of America. Combined.

Exactly how would Paulson – as a proxy for Bush – differ functionally from a dictator? There is no reason to be polite about this. George W. Bush is using the current financial crisis to turn our nation into a command economy with one person in command.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a dictator is…

1 a: a person granted absolute emergency power ; especially : one appointed by the senate of ancient Rome b: one holding complete autocratic control c: one ruling absolutely and often oppressively

Does that make the situation any more clear?

What is most stunning about this proposal is that Congress appears to be taking it seriously. Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed justified incredulity over the very idea of turning the US into the USSR, but Bush demands that only his plan may be considered. He has promised that any dissent, any attempt by Congress to establish any form of oversight over our new economic tyrant, in any form, will be vetoed. And Congress has responded, so far at least, with “yes, master.”

Bush is completely consistent, at least. He exploited the national tragedy of 9/11 to grab as much personal power for himself as he possibly could. Bush has demanded that he can declare anyone, at any time, on only his personal authority, an Enemy of the State to be hunted down and thrown into a secret torture chamber that sits above the law. And that differs from having a king, how?

Bush claims that only his plan can work, only his word is law, and it’s his way or the highway. Again. Exactly what does this monstrosity of a human being have to do, to get his delusional worshipers to say no? If food prices went up, and he went on national television to announce that the government is commandeering all children below the age of three to be collected, processed, and packaged as an emergency food supply, would the GOPiglets just bend the knee and hand over their toddlers? No? Are you sure?

I’m still hoping that Congress will finally show some spine, remember that they have the core Constitutional authority to check the power grabs of the President, write a responsible economic rescue plan, and roll it over Bush’s kicking, screaming tantrums with a veto-proof majority. Our nation was founded on a separation of powers for this – exactly this – reason. I’m hoping, but I’m not hopeful. I expect that the Congress will grumble, whine a bit for effect, and then meekly kneel at the foot of their new Leader for Life.

What, you think Bush wouldn’t try to cancel the election as an emergency measure to “stabilize” the nation? Why? I mean, who’s to stop him?


~ by Planetologist on September 25, 2008.

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