Obama shows McCain the door

At several points during tonight’s debate, I had to wonder if McCain was actually aware of where he was, and not just reciting a memorized script. Obama won tonight’s debate hands down because he did something that Republicans simply fail to understand how to do: make points of their own. Every time McCain was asked a question, he failed utterly to say anything of substance, and instead simply complained and kvetched about Obama’s policy positions. Every time Obama was asked a question, he answered it with a detailed, specific, and cogent response.

I do believe that McCain’s performance will appeal strongly to his base. The hardcore GOP zealots will love McCain’s wrapping himself in the flag, making emotional responses to every question, and trying to appeal to everyone’s love of mom and apple pie instead of arguing based on substantive policy positions. McCain was reading from prepared statements. Obama was actually there.

I did think one thing was very telling: when asked how he’d solve the federal budget crisis, McCain’s answer was to freeze spending on everything but entitlements and the military. Excuse me? McCain the supposed paragon of experience and judgment proposes that we solve the federal budget deficit by holding our breath and stamping our feet? What, is McCain three years old? Is the National Science Foundation supposed to just stop funding everything, everywhere, because McCain is too stupid to formulate a sufficiently adult and sophisticated plan?

The scary thing about this is that many Americans will probably hear McCain rattling his saber and waving the flag, and simply ignore the almost total vacuum of substance that this disappointing, pathetic shell of a man presented. McCain couldn’t even look directly at Obama. Maybe he simply hopes that if he ignores Obama, he’ll simply go away. I’ll be happy when all this is over, and McCain simply goes away.


~ by Planetologist on September 26, 2008.

One Response to “Obama shows McCain the door”

  1. While I’m no ObamaBot (listen to what he says about faith-based anything and I cringe), I am mostly on his side.
    It’s pretty clear that Obama made all his points more cogently and got far more of the nonverbals right than McCain.

    But your criticism of McCain’s sounding like he’d memorized everything misses something important: Obama rarely had to go off script from the speeches he’s been making for umpteen months now. One of the important things in making a performance (public speaking or theater) is knowing your material well enough that if you have to improvise, you can quickly get back on script without anyone noticing you were off.

    That’s how he seemed so cool and collected.

    Notice however that he totally refused to give specifics about how he’d change his plan due to new circumstances. It’s not in his script. Same with McCain, but I was disappointed (not surprised) that I didn’t hear anything from Obama that you can’t already find on youtube.

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