She’s kidding, right?

McCain’s VP chippie apparently believes that humans and dinosaurs walked the Earth together, far back in the mists of deep time, 4,000 years ago. Seriously, she actually seems to believe that crap. It’s just so hard to accept someone with so much power – and so much potential power – being that fundamentally stupid.

Would the press give Palin a pass on her beliefs, in the name of deference, if she insisted that the sky was a shell over our heads? The bible clearly states, in unequivocal terms, that the heavens are a firmament… a shell, a sphere, a hard surface into which the stars are embedded in some way. The bible states this as a bald fact. So, why isn’t Palin insisting we should cancel the space program out of fear we’ll crash into the Firmament? Shouldn’t she be lobbying to have Firmamentism taught in schools?

This election scares me. Obama is ahead, finally, and McCain continues to totter around aimlessly and impetuously. Palin continues to assert to the world how catastrophically mindless she is. Yet McCain is not polling at 1% (an arbitrary maximum value meant to represent collectively the population of psychopaths, delusional schizophrenics, and sociopaths in the US).

What scares me most is that even with all the background of GOP failure and villainy, even with McCain clearly losing his mind, even with Palin needing to wear a padded helmet in case she bumps randomly into a wall, nearly half of the American people are still fine with that. I expect Obama to win, and that gives him four to eight years to try and repair the almost total loss the GOP has left in their wake. But what scares me is that it won’t be enough, and the idiot half of America will still be there, waiting, for its next opportunity to drag our nation kicking and screaming into theocracy.

They don’t seem to be going away, or calming down, or wising up. They just seem to be constantly there, seething, burning with hatred, ever-vigilant in their crusade to tear down civilization and replace it with shattered, bloody horror. Historians might say this is just a phase, a temporary disease of lunacy brought about by uncertainty and by the rapid evolution of society throughout the 20th century. I hope they’re right. Just as long as it’s not the kind of 1,000 year ‘phase’ that followed the fall of Rome.


~ by Planetologist on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “She’s kidding, right?”

  1. Unfortunately willful ignorance is too often honored as a virtue in this country. I think this is because instead of saying, “Dumb as a sack of hammers,” we use the misleading label of, “very strong faith.”

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