Obama 2: Sneering Old Codger 0

Not surprisingly, Obama won last night’s debate – the second in a series of three scheduled Presidential debates – hands down. Yes, I know I’m biased. But I do make an honest attempt to look at these things and judge based on how well each candidate answers the questions and how informative those answers are. In the 2004 VP debate, for example, I thought Darth Cheney won. Edwards was too smarmy in that debate, smiling all the time and not attacking the brutal thug sitting next to him when necessary.

Last night Obama was calm, knowledgable, and employed evidence and rational thought to construct his responses. When asked how the economic crisis will affect ‘normal people’, he gave concrete examples. In contrast, McCain’s predominant answer, regardless of the question being asked, was that Americans can conquer any problems – nay, ALL problems, simultaneously and heroically – by magical virtue of being Americans. When challenged, McCain wrapped himself in the flag and talked about his country’s greatness. Yes, yes, thanks for the vote of confidence, Senator McCain, but could you please just talk like a normal human being?

At least McCain didn’t snarl and sneer his way through the event, as he did in the first debate. And he did make sure and look directly at Obama, which was a nice touch. But as he hobbled around the stage, I almost felt sorry for the old guy. McCain looked old. He was hesitant, then crotchety, then doddering, and always cheering the flag but ignoring the nuts and bolts of policy that the voters need to hear about.

Obama carried the day. I only hope Bush doesn’t see where history is going, and decide that if his party can’t have the country, then no one else will.


~ by Planetologist on October 8, 2008.

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