Periodic Table geekout


I enjoy finding cool online periodic tables, and ways of presenting fundamental data about atoms and molecules. By cool I mean aesthetically pleasing, while also being informative, and with enough creativity in the presentation to make it compelling and memorable.

Anyway, I found this one, called the Dynamic Periodic Table, and it’s pretty good. What immediately struck me about this Table is that you get a little slider where you can adjust the temperature, and the Table has a heads-up that displays the temperature in Kelvins, Cº and Fº, and you can slide the slider and the colors of the elements change as they go from solid to liquid to gas, all the way up to 6000 K. It’s really cool.

More substantively, the Table has a link for each element, of course, but the data the links bring up depends on which of four tabs you’re on. This really a one-stop Periodic Table. There is a Wikipedia tab, with links that open up the appropriate Wikipedia entry for that element, in a little nested window. There’s a Properties tab, which opens up a bunch of option buttons on the Table for seeing all sorts of IUPAC data, a tab for Orbitals, which maps the orbital structure for you, and a tab for Isotopes, which gives you all kinds of nuclear data. Navigation through all that is pretty straightforward on the site, too.

It’s worth a look.



~ by Planetologist on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Periodic Table geekout”

  1. Hey, Matt! 🙂

    Yes, I like that one, too. Actually I’d been using that one for a while, and only recently discovered this other one. I should probably do another post on the webelements one…

  2. I also like for just overall information and historical material

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