Now that’s MY kind of conference…

Today’s Planetary Society Weblog – which I’d missed seeing over the weekend on account I was with my wife in Chicago, where she ran the Chicago Marathon! Wooo! – reminds us that the Division of Planetary Sciences, a section of the American Astronomical Society, is holding their annual meeting this week. The scientific program is full of amazing work in planetary science, planetary geology, and astrobiology, and it’s being discussed live this week.

The fantastic thing about this meeting is that it’s being hosted live on the web, and will maintain web streaming of all sessions online, so everyone can see the science as it’s coming out. This is wonderful day for someone like me, who can remember making Polo-blue slides by hand in graduate school, and having to take carrels full of slides with you on the plane ride to your conference. Now at conferences you bring your presentation on a memory stick, or upload it prior to leaving home. Then at the conference you just walk up and talk (after checking the organizers got your files, just in case). And on top of that, now people all over the world can see the talks, as they happen. Science directly to the public who care to listen.

So now I’m going to sit back and watch some talks, right at home, with no stale conference donuts in sight.

I love technology used for the forces of good.


~ by Planetologist on October 13, 2008.

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