Again with the planetarium?

Well, the third and final debate is over, and it couldn’t have gone better for the good guys. Obama not only cleaned McCain’s clock, he dismantled his clock down to its molecular components. Obama answered every question with rational, cogent responses that actually addressed what was asked, then calmly proceeded to eviscerate McCain’s every crabby, snarling ad hominem attack. It was incredible, how McCain failed utterly to provide anything other than sad, discredited attempts at mudslinging. More incredibly, when Obama actually addressed McCain’s mud directly – smashing and sweeping away McCain’s pathetic lies – all McCain could do was just repeat the same nonsense, over and over and over. It’s like he was on a script.

Joe the Plumber? I understand that politicians today like to personalize their messages by referring to individual people, but calling up Joe the Plumber at nearly every question was just silly. I loved how Obama handled it; turning McCain’s ploy back at him, talking right back to Joe and explaining to Joe how McCain would ruin his life. Looking at McCain at that point, I was stunned to realize he was totally flatfooted. McCain never expected Obama to actually answer mud with cool facts, or talk to “Joe” directly. I wonder if McCain even realized that Obama was both using McCain’s own cudgel against him, and ridiculing the delusional geezer and his little buddy.

And what’s with McCain and the creepy grinning? It was totally weirding me out, watching the old coot sit there with his face pulled back into his jowls, eyes round and glassy, grinning like a ghoul. Then the next minute he’d roll his eyes, or growl, or grit his teeth and clench his jaw muscles over and over. At least he didn’t say “my friends” every two seconds.

Also it’s good to know that McCain views women as incubation vessels and not people, such that concerns for a woman’s health are beneath his contempt, not even worth discussing as a serious policy consideration. I wonder how American women will feel about being told they’re only useful as portable gestation modules.

We got to hear about that overhead projector again. I’ve already dealt with that particular shard of McCain’s anti-science obsession, but it was still surprising to see him bring it up again. He really did seem to be running on autopilot tonight, just lashing out mindlessly at Obama. Probably because that’s all he’s got left.

Tonight’s debate showed why Obama is winning and why McCain is losing. Obama likes to talk about issues, analyze policy and determine what options are most likely to strengthen our nation while protecting our freedoms. McCain likes to attack, attack, and attack. I like to think this country has had enough of attacking things.


~ by Planetologist on October 15, 2008.

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  1. I agree — great post!

    here’s my take on the debate:

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