What’s the deal with Montana?

Yes, for a geologist I’m writing a lot about politics lately. I can’t help it. Being on the cusp of history and all that…

Anyway, I’ve been keeping up with national polling results on a few sites, but mostly the meta-data collected on RealClearPolitics. Lately Montana has been creeping from solid McCain territory to “toss-up”. Montana? Really? I’ve spent a lot of time in Montana, both on vacation and doing field work. Montana has always struck me as being about as solidly GOP as you can have outside Alaska or Texas.

Current poll results have Montana leaning McCain, but only by a margin of about 5 points… where I’d have expected more like 20 points. Where are all the welfare ranchers and subsidized loggers? Where are all the wacko End Times militia compounds full of guns and bibles? Did someone sneak in a few Amtraks full of hippies while no one was looking?


~ by Planetologist on October 28, 2008.

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