Exoplanet discovery milestones

PlanetQuest has a new slideshow feature depicting the major milestones in exoplanet discovery, set against some very impressive astronomical artwork. I love that genre of art… it offers the grandeur of a universe that we can understand physically, but much of which our species will never witness in person.

Anyway, it’s a good presentation. It could use a “Back to Start” button at the end, but that’s a small nit. As things are going lately in the booming field of planet-hunting, there are likely to be many more slides coming soon, presenting many more discoveries. I’m hoping the eventual last one shows a fuzzy visible-light telescope image of a green and blue crescent.


~ by Planetologist on November 14, 2008.

One Response to “Exoplanet discovery milestones”

  1. One of the cruelest things to me always seemed to be that we are fortunate enough to see these planets, but that the race will likely never get to actually set foot on one. Damn physics. Damn astronomical distances.

    Where’s my FTL spaceship?

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