Franken is apparently winning

Although very slowly…

When I went out of town recently I’d assumed this Minnesota recount business was going to be resolved by now. Seriously, how long does it take to hand-count ballots? Weeks? Really?

I suspect it would have been finished by now, if the GOP would just shut up and stop trying to challenge and suppress every ballot in sight. I always find it humorous how the GOP won’t shut up about the sanctity of the democratic process, until it comes time to actually allow people to vote… then, it seems the GOP cannot lunge fast enough to stifle any and every move to make voting easier and more reliable for everyone.

Of course I hope Franken wins… comedians are professional skeptics about other people, which might make them cynical but also tends to make them less credulous. Thanks be to Edger, for reminding us all why having Al Franken as a US Senator would be a good thing.


~ by Planetologist on December 23, 2008.

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