Cape Wind bests another roadblock

Over the holidays the doddering, reactionary liches on Cape Cod lost another battle against the human race. Cape Wind, the first offshore wind turbine array in the US, has been stymied for years by narcissistic fatcats on Cape Cod, who squat hideously in palaces of groaning oak and screech eternally about how Cape Wind will ruin their pristine views of total hegemony over the lives and suffering of a desperate human species. If constructed, the turbines will sit about five miles out toward the horizon there, or roughly ten times farther than the rheumy, twitching eyes of Cape Wind’s opponents are capable of perceiving.

Slowly, very slowly, the shadowy plutocrats of Cape Cod are losing. Just before Christmas the Cape Wind project received the go-ahead to build a trunk power cable that will rest on the sea floor between the offshore turbine array and the coastline. Such a cable is necessary to deliver electrical power from the array, which will be sited offshore to maximize the efficiency and reliability of its wind turbines in the brisk, blustery seas. Cape Wind is expected to provide electrical energy to about 400,000 homes. Hopefully none of those homes will include the monstrously selfish ingrates who’ve opposed this project from day one.


~ by Planetologist on January 2, 2009.

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