Our culture can’t repel stupidity of that magnitude!

So… the antibiotics finally took effect, and a few minutes later some sunbeams happen to shine on a wall… and that’s proof of titanic entities composed of pure energy roaming the cosmos doing good deeds? The afflicted little girl aside… how does everyone else who appears in this video manage to feed themselves?

“Whether the light is a camera misfunction (sic) or not is not the issue,”…. really? This garbage of a story would have made it onto national TV with the headline “Sunlight on hospital wall cures girl”? Seriously? That guy should be slugged in the mouth for dragging Einstein into this moron-fest.

I wish that the little girl lives a long and healthy life, and that everyone else in that video is sterilized.


~ by Planetologist on January 2, 2009.

One Response to “Our culture can’t repel stupidity of that magnitude!”

  1. I tried to watch all six minutes, but my head exploded before I could get there.

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