Ariane Sherine

She’s hot, British, an atheist activist, she came up with a very cool idea, and she got to meet Richard Dawkins? When will she be on the Skepchick calendar?


~ by Planetologist on January 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ariane Sherine”

  1. Ariane Sherine on youtube discussing the bus campaign.

    It’s a shame you have to say “probably no god” but given the wishy-washy definitions of god that Christians like to use when cornered, you really don’t have any other honest choice. Is there a word that means “the likelihood is exceedingly slim but I can’t disprove your idiocy”?

    That’s the problem with communicating in bumper sticker type media I suppose.

  2. Within two minutes of reading her blog I laughed out loud, so that means an automatic bookmark from me.

    Also, yes, way hot.

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