Guess who the bigots are?

A new demographic study of the Prop H8 vote shows that the black vote probably wasn’t the deciding factor the pundits claimed it was at the time. According to the study authors Patrick J. Egan at New York University and Kenneth Sherrill at Hunter College, CUNY carried out, the defining factors that determined which way someone voted on Prop H8 were… get ready for a real shocker, here…. party affiliation, church attendance, and age. In other words, crotchety old Republican Bible-thumpers swung the vote. What a surprise.

Old people can’t really help themselves, I suppose. The human animal gets set in its ways. Even my own mother can’t deal with gay marriage, and she’s pretty tolerant of folks. I’m sure when I’m her age I’ll be complaining about these kids today, with their weirdo cybernetic augmentation and glowing body paint. Or maybe not… those sound pretty cool. In any case I can’t summon much outrage against people handicapped by decrepitude.

Republicans are another story. I can assuredly get angry at them, and at churchgoers. Who are they to decide for other people how they should live, what kinds of sex they can enjoy within a committed relationship, and how they can deal with matters of private property and child custody? It’s very frustrating, listening to goppers crow and strut about the USA being superior because of our freedom, only to see them whirl about spitting and hissing as soon as someone wants to enjoy the freedom to do something their antiquated ideology abhors. Then, suddenly, everyone is acluck with moralizing and grandstanding about “traditional values”.

To hell with traditional values. Traditional values are things like slavery, misogyny, white power, and burning people at the stake for heresy. Tradition has nothing to do with whether or not a value is ethically sound. Either a value is desirable on its own merits or it isn’t. Values like respect for others, appreciation of knowledge, seeking happiness without harming others… those are values I completely support even though they aren’t particularly traditional. Age-old traditions are usually just excuses for people with privilege to keep their privilege. Sorry, but if that’s all the justification you have, shut up and sit down.

I’ll celebrate when Prop H8 is finally swept away, and at every step thereafter when bigots and ideologues are cast on the ash heap of history. People like those who voted in California to take peaceful, harmless, fair rights away from strangers they’re bigoted against don’t deserve respect. They deserve to be mocked, ignored, and shoved aside as our civilization marches forward.


~ by Planetologist on January 7, 2009.

One Response to “Guess who the bigots are?”

  1. I’m relieved to hear this. After all the back-biting after the election about why minorities would want to suppress the freedoms of a fellow down-trodden group, it’s actually nice to see the old familiar culprits are actually to blame.

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