Me and da boys is goin’ to Arkansas.

Apparently, there are still a few states with standing laws that prevent atheists from holding state public office or testifying in a court of law. No, I’m not making this up.

The interesting irony is that anyone in Arkansas, or any of the other states on that list, could avoid testifying at state level or lower about anything, at any time, simply by claiming to be an atheist. If I were in the mob, tomorrow I’d be moving to Arkansas to set up my “business” with an atheist club as a front operation. None of my goons could ever be compelled to testify against each other – or, more importantly, against me – in any state court.

Somehow I doubt the law’s framers were capable of thinking that far ahead.


~ by Planetologist on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Me and da boys is goin’ to Arkansas.”

  1. As a scientist, isn’t your criminal ambition better spent on the development of doomsday weapons to hold the world hostage?

    Seems to me you’re aiming low here.

  2. It’s also a dead law, in that the US Supreme Court has already ruled it unconstitutional, and therefore void.

    I mean, I live in a neighborhood where the covenants (Written in the 40s) prohibit blacks or Chinese from owning property, or living in the home in any capacity other than domestic servant.

    Just try enforcing it though.

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