If a creationist asks you to debate…

…You would have a difficult challenge in responding to such deranged, deceitful garbage with greater precision than did Nicholas Gotelli, a professor at the University of Vermont.

Dr. Gotelli was invited by some goon at the Discovery Institute to organize a debate between a DI mouthpiece and himself. That’s how the DI works; instead of quietly going about their stated goal of researching and publishing in peer-reviewed journals the (non-existent) evidence of Earth and all its life forms being magicked together 6,000 years ago, or whatever tripe the DI is spouting nowadays, they prefer public debates. Of course they do. They represent one of the stupidest, laziest, and most cowardly branches of pseudoscience loose on the world today. They have no real ideas beyond stomping their feet and insisting “God did it”, but nonetheless seem to enjoy passing their days pretending to be real scientists working on real problems, and bothering real scientists with their childish demands to be taken seriously.

Do my gratuitous insults to the DI qualify as an ad hominem attack? No, because I’m not saying they’re wrong because they’re simpering ignoramuses, I’m saying they’re simpering ignoramuses because they’re wrong…. perversely, proudly wrong.

PZ Myers reproduces Gotelli’s invitation from the DI, and Gotelli’s response back to the conniving weasels. Enjoy.


~ by Planetologist on March 9, 2009.

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