Obama supports reason

What would it be like to have a US President who valued reason, objective reality and evidence as the bases of public policy, instead of superstitions, ignorance and magic? Well, it would be – it is – something like this:

Oh yes. Yes indeed.


~ by Planetologist on March 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Obama supports reason”

  1. That’s basically the story, except for one thing – he’s also a chiropractor. So, that’s a double fail. Phil Plait and P.Z. Meyers both covered it pretty well, with links to the original Globe and Mail articles, if you’re interested. The media consensus also seems to be that the question was unfair; apparently, asking someone about their beliefs on a subject central to their job is off limits. Right.

    As for kicking him out of office, that’s easier said than done. The political reality up here is… complicated. The Liberal Party is still recovering from a very, very weak leader who ran against our PM – a consummate politician – in October. So we’re stuck with a government run by a socially-conservative Christian economist from Alberta (the oil province) who has pseudo-populist leanings. Needless to say, I didn’t vote for him. And, yeah, I’m green with envy.

    • Well, I’m hoping that Obama can remind people in the US why it’s important to have a rational person in charge of national public policy and the largest military force the world has ever known. Being the US President is a serious responsibility, not an ego party or a platform for tyranny…. but you wouldn’t know it from looking at our last President. The last eight years were a new Dark Age of aggression, tyranny and stupidity because the world’s last superpower elected an impetuous, witless boor. Now, gratefully, we’re gifted with Bush’s polar opposite: a man of integrity, intelligence and introspection who works hard and values playing fair. We had Nero, and now we have Augustus.

  2. Oh boy, do I envy you Americans. It just came out that our Minister for Science and Technology up here in Canada is a creationist. I don’t hold out hope that the PM is any more rational.

    Funny how quickly your government went from the biggest joke in the world to the envy of every western nation, eh?

    • Yeah, what’s the deal with that Goodyear guy? I saw a news item where he wouldn’t commit to saying he supported science, claiming on a question about evolution that the question itself somehow offended his religion. That’s telling… only a creationist would hear a question about science and immediately leap to take personal offense. Then later he said something to the effect of “oh, well of course I support evolution”… yet he was still equivocating. Boot him straight out of that office, I say. Morons like that shouldn’t be left alone with public policy.

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