THAT is what Navy SEALs are for

Tom Clancy would be proud. Three pirates with three shots, courtesy of three US Navy SEAL snipers… which, from what I’ve always been told, is why we even have Navy SEALs, to use a minimum of highly trained, absurdly lethal personnel to smoothly liquidate Iron Age savages who dare to attack us with their pathetically feeble weapons. Yes, the pirates who captured Captain Richard Phillips had some very real, very deadly machine guns… which puts them on technological par with Al Capone. I expect we can do better… and oh, wait, we did.

So far the GOP has failed to denounce Obama’s authorization of the superheroic rescue, on grounds that his attack of those poor, noble, self-starting entrepreneurs from the peace-loving, perfect tax-free Libertarian paradise of Somalia constitutes clear evidence that Obama is a Trotskyite.


~ by Planetologist on April 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “THAT is what Navy SEALs are for”

  1. Hey, I’m sure those SEALS could kick MY ass but lets consider some facts regarding the heroism parade:

    -the life boat was being TOWED by a US NAVAL DESTROYER…
    -the shots were at a range of about 100 feet…I believe that’s considered short range.
    -the only chance those pirates had to save their own lives at that point was to keep the hostage Captain ALIVE
    -the one pirate that jumped overboard and surrendered was said to be about 15 years old…were the other pirates that were killed also children?

    I guess we needed some good news out of our military for a change…so we killed three children that were in WAY over their heads under cover of darkness? Perhaps I can be forgiven for not being wholly impressed by this. At least the Captain was saved, and thank God and the snipers for that. But lets keep our pants on about just how heroic this was. It was a dirty, f-ed up business from square one. You wanna impress me? Where’s bin Laden?

  2. I’m surprised the Democrats and Republicans didn’t send a bail-out package to protect the pirate way of life. I’m a Libertarian and my only disappointment is that they didn’t identify the mother ship and sink it.

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